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Pearl Island, a true earthly paradise in Panama

The archipelago Las Perlas, also known as the Pearl Islands, is a group of around 40 islands and more than 150 islets – most of them small and uninhabited – located in the heart of the Gulf of Panama.

Located about 80 kilometers from the south coast of Panama City, this insular complex – whose name comes from the abundance of pearls that once existed in the area, particularly during the Spanish colony – offers countless natural wonders that will conquer the heart of any traveler in search of a paradise brimming with marine life, tropical vegetation, white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

An unparalleled natural luxury experience

Pearl Island is the third largest island in Las Perlas Archipelago. Recently developed in the island is an incomparable luxury resort and residential complex waiting to be discovered.

With almost 30 kilometers of coastline, 14 private beaches and one of the richest marine and bird sanctuaries on the planet, this island is the ideal setting for this development, which has been specially designed as a space where nature and enjoyment come together in a harmonic way.

Possibly one of the highlights of this project is that, in order to protect this natural reserve, 70 percent of the territory will remain intact, while only 30 percent will be devoted to construction.

In this way, it is intended to preserve the abundant biodiversity of the island, among which are 150 species of birds, with one of the largest populations of brown pelicans worldwide; 15 varieties of corals, 700 types of fish and 16 species of mammals.

A whole world in the Peninsula

An example of this is La Península Beach Club & Marina, which is the first phase of this complex and which extends along the coast bathed by a bay from which incomparable sunrises and sunsets can be seen.

In La Península there is a select number of lots, residences and apartments for sale, designed by the prestigious American architecture firm Hart Howerton, which is based in both San Francisco and New York.

In addition, this first phase has a private marina with 46 moorings and various services and amenities specially created for sailing lovers, a beach club with impressive views and a relaxed atmosphere to fully enjoy the day by the sea, as well such as the Panama Red restaurant, a perfect space to gather both families and friends and enjoy the wide gastronomic offer, as well as serving as a place to celebrate events, cocktails or private dinners.

The next Ritz Carlton Reserve

Undoubtedly, Ritz Carlton hotels are synonymous with prestige, luxury, and sophistication, and one of these resorts – the Ritz Carlton Reserve – will form part of the second phase of the Pearl Island project.

Located on the land that includes the Don Bernardo and Mague beaches, the Ritz Carlton Reserve will have 86 hotel rooms and various residences that will allow you to enjoy the natural wealth of this island, as well as different activities such as cycling, hiking, walking between islands, diving, bird watching, whale watching, yoga and some of the best fishing in the world.

How to Get to Pearl Island

There are different options to get to this island, among which is a trip on the Pearl Island VIP ferry, which leaves Marina Flamenco every Friday at 10 in the morning, or there is also the option of arriving directly on a yacht own or private plane, previous reservation in the marina of the island or previous request to land on the runway of this Panamanian paradise.

If you want to see more information about everything you can find in Pearl Island, we suggest you enter their website www.pearlisland.com so you can plan a dream vacation to this wonderful place.