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In addition to owning a diverse portfolio of businesses, at Eleta we invest in companies with compelling value propositions. Our focus is on direct equity investments in sectors with long-term growth prospects; seeking scalable, resilient and proven business models that have the potential to transform industries. Historically, we have had strong positions and interest in Energy, Telcom & Media, Tourism, Real Estate, Agribusiness and Technology. We also manage a liquid pool of capital that has an asset allocation similar to an endowment model. Our approach is deeply rooted around a vision to build enduring portfolios and companies through long term partners who share our values. Finally, and most importantly, we conduct all business with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and discipline.



We think of ourselves as creators not inheritors, deploying a founder’s mindset across everything we do.

Operational Excellence

We adopt best-in-class practices and constantly iterate to ensure rigorous, disciplined, and efficient processes. 


Our extensive relationships with LATAM business owners, shareholders, corporations, government institutions and other family offices help us access proprietary deal flows and new investment opportunities.


Our team is composed of highly skilled investment and operational professionals from a variety of international backgrounds, with a senior team that has been seamlessly working together for over 10 years.


Our value-oriented investment strategy aims at making a positive impact, while generating above average returns.


We have a deep commitment to operating under the highest standards.


Pearl Island

A luxury development on a private island off Panama’s Pacific Coast. The master development will be the only private island project in the region with a world class marina, a private airport, a six-star hotel and 1,000 hectares of private natural reserve.


A unique mid-rise development surrounded by nature overlooking the entrance of the Panama Canal located in Amador - Causeway.   Passage will have 126 units and 8 commercial spaces. Delivery date by mid 2026

Café Eleta

With approximately 500 acres of cultivated land, this farm is the largest coffee producer in Panama. It’s located in the highlands of Panama and produces some of the most flavorful and high-quality coffee brands locally.

Ninety Plus

Known for being one of the best Geisha coffee producers in the world, this brand has been transforming the coffee farming and marketing model since 2006. Ninety Plus has won 5 World Brewers Cup Championship in the past 10 years.

Café Unido

The only 100% direct-trade specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop in the world; serving delicious Panamanian coffee and food since 2014 across its 12 locations in Panama and USA.

Haras Cerro Punta

This farm is the birthplace to many of the most notorious thoroughbred horses in Central America and the Caribbean. Mr. Eleta founded the first horse breeding farm in Panama and holds the title as the breeder with most “Clásico del Caribe" race wins.

Cable Onda

The leading provider of cable, mobile and high-speed broadband services in Panama; it offers services to over 500,000 clients. It was acquired by Mr. Eleta in 1996 and successfully divested to Millicom International (Tigo) in 2019


The leading multimedia company produces and broadcasts content for the top open TV and Cable channels in Panama. Its digital platforms have over 2 million monthly unique visitors.


A fully integrated logistics and delivery platform, connecting local business with customers to fulfill immediate purchases.

Electron Investment S.A.

Founded by Inveravante and Eleta, this business aims to design, build, and operate the best hydro-power generation plants in Panama. EISA operates the two most efficient run-of-the-river plants in the country.

Island Power S.A.

A company dedicated to building and operating microgrid across the region. Today it is the larger microgrid operator in the country with 20 sites. -


Is a fully integrated solar company that designs, builds and operates utility-scale solar power generation parks in Panama.

Paseo David

Located in the province of Chiriquí, just across the Enrique Malek Airport, this street mall aims to offer a high-quality retail and commercial experience in the heart of the agricultural business.

Paseo El Valle

Located in the picturesque town of El Valle de Antón, this street mall aims to be the center of socio-cultural gatherings and home to various local businesses.