Paseo El Valle

Located in the picturesque town of El Valle de Antón, this street mall aims to be the center of socio-cultural gatherings and home to various local businesses. ​

Paseo David

Located in the province of Chiriquí, just across the Enrique Malek Airport, this street mall aims to offer a high-quality retail and commercial experience in the heart of the agricultural business.

The Passage

A unique mid-rise condo development overlooking the entrance of the Panama Canal. The project will house around 300 residential units and 22 commercial spaces. This tropical-modern apartment building is set to open in mid-2025.

Pearl Island

A luxury development on a private island off Panama’s Pacific Coast. The master development will be the only private island project in the region with a world class marina, a private airport, a six-star hotel and 1,000 hectares of private natural reserve.