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Nescafé with Panamanian coffee beans

Panama, May 2023 – The Nescafé brand presents a coffee bean from Piedra Candela, Renacimiento – Chiriquí, directly from the Eleta coffee plantation.

This coffee is a 100% Arabica variety, roasted in beans that provides an intense and consistent body with a slight fruity note. This product is for consumption outside the home, in its more than one thousand points of consumption throughout the country.

For the transnational food company, this is a contribution of the company to the national producer, and this coffee bean is harvested by hundreds of Panamanians in the province of Chiriqui and the Ngäbe Bugle region. In the presentation of this bean, the company expresses its commitment with the Panamanian agricultural sector, not only with coffee, but also with products such as tomatoes and milk.

The company is pleased to mention that this launch is iconic for the Nescafé brand in using a 100% Arabica coffee bean grown in Panama, affirming that the cultivation of this coffee is agro sustainable and with the alliance made with the Eleta group, they can affirm that the value of the labor that collects the beans is respected.

The executives of the transnational company in Panama expressed the possibility that this bean could be available in other coffee vending machines outside the Panamanian borders, everything depends on how it behaves in the market.