We are a Panamanian business group that has a broad portfolio of investments and diversified operations in telecommunications, energy, agribusiness, real estate and luxury tourism. Where we always seek to be at the forefront.

Grupo Eleta has diversified investments in telecommunications, energy, agribusiness, real estate and commercial real estate and tourism companies.

Grupo Eleta focuses on cultivating the best talent for the creation and management of the companies that constitute it. Today is day is led by Guillermo Saint Malo Eleta, who is part of the third generation of the Eleta family. .

We are always in constant renovation (reformist), we are not left behind, because of this, we are considered one of the fastest growing industries in different areas such as specialty coffee, luxury real estate, a generation of clean energy, micro grids, agro sustainable and among many other reasons.

apturing the best talent and working with the highest standards of technology, professional corporate structure and corporate responsibility.

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